JAPAN POINT is a point system for people, from all over the world, who love Japan.
The points are exchangeable for goods or services from JAPAN POINT partner organizations or for Japanese Yen.

How to exchange your points for Japanese Yen

You can exchange your JAPAN POINT’s for Japanese Yen through PayPal.In order to do this you will need to have a PayPal account.

Earn Point

You can earn points as a reward by working a job, or by contributing to others that are JAPAN POINT partner organizations.

Use Point

You can use your points to learn more about Japan, attend Japnese events, or buy products from JAPAN POINT partner organizations. You can also exchange your points for Japanese Yen (see above).

We will no longer be providing the restaurant information and coupon service.

New JAPAN POINT is not designed to post restaurant info and coupons. Thank you for using and loving the previous service.