How to use

How to use JAPAN POINT


To begin using the Point program, first sign up for a JAPAN POINT account with your personal information.


After signing up, click the link in the email sent to the address you provided and log in to JAPAN POINT. Once you have logged in, you will be directed to the site's top page.


The top page features banners of recommended articles and services. Please feel free to take a look at each method available to earn and use your points.

How to Earn Points

Answering Surveys

Surveys from affiliated services and JAPAN POINT itself carry point rewards.

How to Use Your Points

Exchanging Your Points for Japanese Yen

Unexpired points can be exchanged for Japanese Yen. Simply follow our guide to use this service.

1. Create a PayPal account >

2. Input your personal information where requested on My Page. >

*Points can be exchanged for Yen amounts over ¥500.
*A fee of 200 Yen will be charged to exchange amounts under 50,000 Yen. There is no fee for 50,000 Yen or above.
*If your PayPal information is not verified before attempting an exchange (due to an input mistake or otherwise), the time taken to confirm the exchange may extend past the points' expiration date, rendering it invalid. Please be sure to provide your PayPal information accurately, and well in advance.

Using external services with your points

You can use your points to buy products or services from other companies and individuals affiliated with JAPAN POINT.

About "My Page"

Building your Profile

You can make point exchanging, purchases, and usage simpler if you input your profile information in advance. We recommend doing this right now, so that using your points can be quick and smooth.