JAPAN POINT's Living Support

What is JAPAN POINT’s Living Support in Japan?

To acquire Visa in Japan, you need a suitable job, a Japanese language school, or university. First of all you can start from finding a Japanese language school. We have more than 100 options of school to learn Japanese in Japan.

When you move to Japan or change job in Japan, you can find an apartment with our contracted rental housing agency according to your hope of area, house-rent, facility, etc.

To move to your new apartment, you can use a house-moving company contracted with us in a reasonable price(e.g.: 20% OFF).

After you move to Japan and start a new life, it is one of the expat’s concerns to enter a comfortable and suitable community to help your life in Japan. We can introduce some communities and meetups to communicate with locals.

For inquiry, please send a message to our Messenger, Slack, or LINE.